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You might have seen your child writing letters like 'b' or 'd' backward. It's pretty common, especially for those with dyslexia, a learning difference that affects reading and writing.

The Curious Case of Mirror Writing

It’s not uncommon for children to write letters or words in reverse, seemingly mirrored, or to struggle with perceiving the correct orientation of letters and words.

Many kids do without even realizing it.

The question is.... Will It Go Away?

It is not as simple as forgetting whether the letter 'b' faces left or right. It is about how these visuals are processed in the brain.

And more than often, this confusion on the orientation stays.

Language Expert Reveals

WHY You Need This?

  • They will ALWAYS forget b,d,p,q due to the way they process image!
  • EARLY intervention corrects their learning method and repairs their esteem before they get hurt even more as they get older!
  • If we cannot cure it, we MANAGE it!
  • It is so SIMPLE that it changes their lives almost instantly!
  • Your first experience to know what it means to teach the RIGHT way they need!

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